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[3] Crypto Related Instagram Profiles You Should Be Following

Instagram is filled with all sorts of fun consumable content. Finding new profiles to follow in the crypto space is a bit of a challenge. Sadly, there are a bunch of crappy bitcoin faucet, spammy accounts and a few others that don’t seem to stay active. Of course, there are some solid staples that are a no brainer to be following. We have decided to put some lists together from time to time as we keep growing and following others as well. So let’s start with a few today…

1. Tony Thomas III

@EthereumTony is a profile you should be following, if you aren’t already.  Tony is one of the most down to earth people in the space with a great personality, a true influencer in the space. He is active in a couple of the best Crypto related Facebook Groups such as The Crypto Watch and Ethereum Investing where he shares his valuable thoughts, opinions about ethereum and altcoins like OMG and a few others, and last but not least some of the best gif comments and reactions you have seen.

His personality shines through in his posts and comments for the perfect balance of valuable information as a resource with a side of humor that will make you laugh. While I have not met Tony in person yet. As for his Instagram, you will find him rocking some cool crypto gear like shirts and stickers and if you are a foodie, you will find fine food images of PB&J (sans crust, of course.) accompanied with a Capri Sun to wash it down. If you like seafood, prepare to Do the Clam, because from the looks of the IG Stories he is a beast at bringing in some big hauls of fine New England clams.  In fact his current bio lets you know he’s about Crypto, Cannabis and Clams. Those are 3 good C’s in our book. Check him out…


A post shared by Tony Thomas III (@ethereumtony) on

2. Omar Bahm (Crypt0)

@Crypt0 has the #1 crypto related youtube channel on the internet. No question about it. If you are looking for easy to digest crypto related content on the daily, his channel is where you need to be. From breaking news to years of experience and knowledge, Omar has you covered. He keeps the videos, short and sweet. You get solid information without fluff and banter. He is also active on the gram. His bio says:
YouTube Channel Host, Musician, & Actor Personal Photo Blog Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA so you will get a behind the scenes look at all the above. If you are a fan, of the crypt0 Youtube Channel you can show your support with crypto donations via the addresses on the videos and you can also support the channel via Patreon


3. Crypto Humor

@cryptohumor has some of the best crypto memes. If you are looking for some good laughs then you should be following this page as they do it for the gram. I do not know anything about the creator or admin of the page, there is not much information aside from a Coinbase referral link. They deserve the signup credits for the great meme work in our opinion.


A post shared by Cryptohumor (@cryptohumor) on


And of course a shameless plug, if thine gram feed does not contain Cryptopher Columbus, it should. Follow Me!

If you know of some other crypto related Instagram profiles we should add to a list let us know in the comments below or just submit them to the site for our review!

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Bers Klev
Bers Klev
2 years ago

I would recommend this guy – picked up a few alts on a few of his calls

2 years ago

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