TenX Wallet iPhone App Released

The TenX Wallet hits the App Store


iPhone users rejoice! The TenX ($PAY) wallet app has hit the app store! Since before the ICO this has been a very active project and they are making strides to deliver updates and progress on a regular basis. Today the wallet app went live on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. You can download it FREE here.


TenX makes it safe to store and use your crypto/blockchain assets and spend it anytime with the TenX debit card.

– BTC wallet is live with card payments all over the world
– We’re testing ETH, ERC20 tokens and DASH with our closed beta group

Get the latest updates or give us feedback directly on our slack! Join now at https://ten-x.herokuapp.com/



User Interface:



For version 1.0 we are glad to see that it’s live in the app store. It has a few kinks to work out and some improvements that will help. For example the current rate of 1 BTC was way off. This is a simple fix. Then there are a few things for ease of use that will help for example being able to use a search box for selecting the display currency so you dont have to scroll endlessly and a few other minor details that will polish the app a bit. The bottomline is, it’s live and it works. That is really exciting! If you have any suggestions or feedback on your experience so far with the app we would love to hear about it. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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