It’s no secret, the crypto space is booming like never before and it seems like everyday there is a new meetup, conference, powwow, summit, you name it. One of the areas that is not highlighted is the women of crypto.  In the link included below Michelle says “Recently however, I attended a few crypto, blockchain and ICO conferences, and I saw minimal to no women on panels. Moreover, accordingly to Crypto Weekly, there are only 8 women in The 100 Most Influential People in Crypto List. Are women not in the blockchain space? If they are, are they not influential? Do they not want to speak on panels?” So she went to work on this awesome resource and put this list together of 200+ Influencers and Thought Leaders.  Two of my personal favorites would be Laura Shin and
Preethi Kasireddy and now with the resource I have just linked, here are over 200+ Thought Leaders in the Crypto and Blockchain space. Needless to say,  I am adding Michelle Tsng to my list of favorites! She took the time to make a useful post with resources to each person she has mentioned and made it Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike unless otherwise noted. So if you are looking for speakers for your next event, this is one of the resources you are going to want to start with. I know that when we have our first event this is going to be one of the first resources we use. (Stay tuned for those future announcements)  The top highlight on the medium post says:

Thus, this list is made (with love) for event planners, influencers and the like — both men and women (and AI) — who desire to create an inclusive future for humans, who build panels and draft lists that are reflective of the community they are a part of, who respect each person for who they are.

I am also going to be making it a point to connect and network with the individuals on this list. Our community has been growing in an amazing way with value at the Crypto Alliance Group and I would be honored to have every single on of the people on this list in our group, as well as you. So if you are not in there yet, jump in!

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