Gordon Law Group has put together a Cryptocurrency Tax Q&A in plain english for everyone that address some of the most commonly asked question about Crypto Taxes. You should always seek professional help in these areas. As the crypto space grows more and more laws, regulations and standards will be put in place and being that guy who says “It’s not regulated yet, so it doesn’t matter.” is probably a good way to get yourself REKT! If you’re active on Crypto Twitter (which I know most of you serious people are.) Gordon Law Group is easily accessible by handle @accounting. He tweeted me and challenged me to stump him with a crypto tax related question. I am passing on that same challenge to all of you that follow me. The more we make him “dig in the books” (pun intended) the better off we will all be. That’s about it for this one.  We will keep scouting and looking for more tax related resources to curate in this space moving forward. There are tools being developed that will help with this as well and we will add those as they become available. If you know of any, submit them to us!

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