If you have been following me on Instagram this past year then at some point you have seen me share or tag Tony Thomas III saying thank you. One of the funniest, most humble guys in the crypto community without a doubt. He has a fb group that he opens up every so often called: In Ethereum We Trust. It was renamed to in Ethereum We Trusst in honor of a Russ Weinstein aka NostradmRUSS. Russ passed away suddenly and was a great guy full of spirit and passion for the crypto community. The group has been now been dedicated in his honor.

This facebook group is more than just a group on social media, it’s a community. A REAL community with REAL people who are passionate about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and cryptocurrency. It is founded and lead by an individual who has a heart of gold. I have never met Tony Thomas III personally to date, but I am honored to know him and of him in the way he shares his life and crypto journey with the world.

When he’s not doing the clam, or gracing us with some PB&J and Capri Sun meals, he provides valuable insights, thoughts and more. I highly reccomend you check out the group. In Ethereum We Trusst

It’s a closed group, but you can find in by searching on facebook or just clicking the link here.

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Tony Thomas III
Tony Thomas III
2 years ago

Thank you Julio

RIP Russ – you are already missed

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