If you have read or researched anything of value in the crypto space, you have seen, heard of or follow Jameson Lopp on twitter. (@Lopp) If you are not doing so, In my opinion, you should be. Let’s put crypto twitter to the side for a second, have you seen and talk about Lopp.net. That is his website and if you have seen it then you already know what I am about to say, If you venture over to the Bitcoin Resources section you will basically like find everything you need to understand bitcoin and things about it you might either didn’t know or need to know. With all the blockchain experts and insta-vestors popping up by the second, you should know that valuable resources like this exist and they are FREE! You do not need to be buying up all the regurgitated bullshit eBooks everyone is shilling, you do not need to buy some sort of membership that we all know you will not follow through on. Invest in yourself and dive into FREE information that will give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Lopps got it all organized for you too and provides resources like:

Getting Started
Deep Dive Technical Resources
The History of Bitcoin
News Sites
Discussion Forums
Miscellanous Statistics
Setting up a Wallet
Running A Node
Online Courses
Video Presentations
High Quality Blogs
and more…


If you are not seeing the pattern above, he has you covered for everything bitcoin. There are many greats in the crypto space and many people to learn from and  in my opinion, Jameson Lopp is one of them. He is a true influencer in the crypto world. Long Live The Blockchain!

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