The Bitcoin Pub is a resource by BiteSizeBitcoin. It’s a community site with all sorts of topics. From there you will find links to the video channel he has built out called You will also see there is a link to a project called Crypto Yum which is currently waiting to launch on Product Hunt.  It says “we decided to build a judiciously-curated mobile news reader with only the best and most trusted sources to help fuel (and manage) our growing obsession! 👍🏼” We will add it as a resource when it launches so stay tuned. If you did not know who BitSizedBitcoin aka Peter Saddington is you might have seen the video or hastag #BitcoinLambo that is his lambo….


Before you judge him for his daily driver purchase, you should watch this video too:


Do you hang out at the Bitcoin Pub? I’m on there as yours truly, CryptopherColumbus. Comment with your thoughts below and be sure to send us in more submissions of crypto resources as you come across them so we can keep curating for you.

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