Minerva (OWL) Token 🦉 Reverse Merchant Proccessor

Minerva (OWL) Token and Reverse Merchant Processor

TL;DR – Minerva is one of the most organized, well thought out, problem solving and professional projects. They have a rock solid plan being put to action, not just a convoluted white paper. They have a team of less talk more action developers, and a CEO with a drive to make things happen. For what it’s worth, I simply can’t wait for the project launch and the long term innovation of the platform.

The world’s first reverse merchant processor. MINERVA (OWL) addresses mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues with Proof-of-Transaction, a set of executing properties designed to mitigate risk and generously reward merchants who accept the OWL token as payment. MINERVA doesn’t charge transaction fees; it pays them.

Welcome to Smart Money on the Ethereum Blockchain


You can start off by reading the official Minerva press release here if you have not seen it yet: http://www.cryptophercolumbus.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Minerva_Press_Release.pdf

So, think about this way. We’ve all been somewhere in person or even online where there’s a surcharge just for using your card as a form of payment. Maybe it was a local favorite, hole in the wall restaurant that’s been family run for the last 40 years. Maybe it was a burrito shop at 3am after a long night of drinking and dancing the night away. When you went to pay, they said, “cash”? And, when you didn’t have cash, you had to pay X% fee. Of course, you could have cared less in that moment, because you just wanted some heavy, delicious food at any cost.

Here’s a scenario I ran into recently. I went to renew my car registration. (Yes, Cryptopher Columbus drives a car sometimes.) I got up to the window with all my information, and they told me the amount I owed. When I handed over my card, the lady said, “Oh, if you use a credit card, there is a 2.5% fee”. While I didn’t like hearing it, I looked down at my watch and noticed that aside from waiting over an hour for my ticket number to be called (It was 4:30pm; they closed in 30 minutes), I did not want to go find the local ATM, come back and get in that horrible line all over again! I wouldn’t make it in time, so I reluctantly paid it and went along with my day.

Well, traditional merchant processing does cost a fee. So while I HATE it as a consumer, on the business side, I can see why a business owner would try to find a way to pass it on in order to maximize their profit.

That is where Minerva steps in and prepares to change the world. Minerva is the world’s first merchant processor that will actually REWARD the merchant for processing their payments on the Minerva platform. Can you say, win-win for the client and merchant. Yes. You. Can.

Enough about me. I just wanted to give you some ideas on what this project aims to do with some real life application…

Here is a quick intro video:


Minerva is presently an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain.

All technology aside, when you think of real life application there are a handful of projects that have the potential to truly change the world. Minerva is a project that truly has that potential.


The telegram chat has been a great place to learn more about the project, and the team is very professional, friendly and ready to answer questions. If you cant find your answers by doing your own due diligence and reading the whitepaper, I would highly suggest you join the live chat.

note: Telegram and Discord have proven itself to be an amazing resource for information, networking and communication in the crypto space. (If you have some favorite Telegram groups, leave them in the comments below.)

The Team

You can see a quick bio and also contact information for each of the team members on the website.

Project Team
Kevin McSheehan – Founder / Executive Producer
Corey Jackson – Founder / Lead Developer
Ron DiIorio – Founder / Strategic Partner
Kol Shtufaj – Creative Director, Brand & UI/UX
Cory Torrella – Business Development / Marketing
Robert Forster – Lead Solidity Developer
Courtney Turner – HR / PR / Social Media Strategist
Paul Petratos – Head of Communications

Advisory Board
Jevgenijs Steinbuks – Economic Advisor
Keidi Carrington – Legal Advisor
Greg Bailey – IT Veteran

If you want our 2 SATS on the team (we don’t give our .02 cents when talking crypto, haha), they are great communicators, looks like they are action takers and more do than say. They will under promise and over deliver, and another advantage is that they have an Economic Advisor baked into the team. Many projects neglect that to sustain this type of project building. Studying the surrounding as well as project economies are an absolute MUST in the name of sustainability. For this reason alone, we think this project is a game changer with unlimited potential.


Minerva Token Resources:

Website: https://minerva.com/
Whitepaper: https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://minerva.com/chat
BitTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072362.0;all
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minervatoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/11231782/
TokenMarket: https://tokenmarket.net/blockchain/ethereum/assets/minerva/
CoinSchedule: https://www.coinschedule.com/projects/1333/minerva-token-sale.html
Press Kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pb461it3h82y35/Minerva_Press_Kit.zip

Bounty Program

The Minerva Official Bounty Program has started in order to reward Bitcointalk Supporters.

The Program will run until the end of ICO. ICO date will be announced soon.

A total of 5% out of Total Supply or about 2.5M OWL Tokens are reserved for the Bounty Campaigns.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

2% Creative Contest
15% Twitter Campaign
15% Facebook Campaign
5% Reddit Campaign
10% Translations Campaign
5% Telegram Campaign
18% Blog/Media Campaign
15% Exclusive Support
15% Signature Campaign

Bug Bounty
There is also a very handsome reward for the bug bounty program in place. They have set aside 2.5% of the total supply for this bounty, and it is very well documented in the white paper, starting on page 14 with an awesome call to all hackers.

Official Bounty Thread:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2136287.0;all

Mentions / Press / Information

Here are just some of the mentions across publications we have found that mention Minerva Token. I am sure they will keep gaining more attention as discovery takes place. (Stay tuned! We will keep updating.)


ETH News

The Blockchain

The Street

Questions & Answers

We have been following this project since we heard about it, and without fail, I have noticed the team has had to answer the same basic questions what feels to be a million times over. There are some other questions that are worthwhile, as well, so we will document what we’ve found to be the most helpful for you here. You can also see the FAQ section on the Minerva website here: FAQ

How Is Minerva Token different from METAL Pay (MTL)?

This question has been raised a few times in the telegram chat and bittalk, and the answer given is more than enough:

“METAL is interesting. I will be following their progress. They seem to have an accredited team. I haven’t looked into this project until today. Based on what I’ve gathered from their whitepaper, here are some things that set us apart:

1. We’re not a fiat:fiat payment system. The Owl of Minerva is a cryptocurrency and Minerva is a platform built predominately with smart contracts.

2. Minerva does not require social security numbers.

3. METAL merchants appear to pay transaction fees. Our approved merchants do not. In fact, we aim to pay transaction fees to them. It also appears that METAL merchants must purchase MTL to receive benefits. I don’t see how this incentivizes “brick and mortar” businesses to accept cryptocurrency as described as one of their adoption goals in their whitepaper.

4. METAL doesn’t appear to have a security-forward community bug bounty program potentially leaving them vulnerable to competent hackers.

5. The whitepaper mentions “Metal will partner with an over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives dealer in order to manage currency volatility.” In terms of volatility, Minerva has incentivized mechanisms to address excessively violent short-term fluctuations. METAL mentions that volatility management is accomplished through an unspecified OTC derivatives dealer. I don’t know why such a dealer would exist, which brings me to

6. According to our economic advisor, a PhD economist with 20 years of experience METAL appears to be, and I’m wording this as politely as possible because there is another term for it, unsustainable.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072362.msg21076428#msg21076428

When is the presale?

This is the one that would have me pulling my hair out. I’m sure they don’t mind since it’s a sign that people are probably excited or looking forward to the project launch.

“It will be announced via e-mail. Sign up for updates on the website to keep up to date on all news and announcements.”

Source: Telegram Chat

Do you have specific business sectors in mind to start with, for example online shopping, finance, media, entertainment, travel, tourism? I know the white paper mentions one partnership with 20m users, just wondering which sectors you are targeting?

Paul, [Aug 30, 2017, 11:21 AM]:

Commerce in general. We have long standing relationships with merchant processors so we’re going to create partnerships and bring on several integrated businesses from the get go. With the initial use case we will be able to show potential partners the before and after revenue impacts integrating with Minerva.

Source: Telegram Chat

Final Thoughts

The Minerva Project looks like a game changer and the team has proven that they are committed to excellence. I look forward to this one. You should too….

Note: It should be noted that all amounts and terms of this project are subject to change. Minerva is a work in progress and the team has been very clear that the best way to get all the latest and up to date information is to subscribe to the email list. This is the very best way to avoid any confusion and get the information directly.

Minerva Smart Money



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